Cat Behavior Guide: Find Out What Your Cat Is Trying to Tell You

 Find Out What Your Cat Is Trying to Tell You:Cat Behavior Guide

Few things bring us joy the maximum amount as our feline friends. they're furry, playful, fun, and most of all: they create our life more eventful. But despite their awesomeness, cats also can be kinda quirky, and a few of their behavior is often very confusing to their owners. Having a cat will bring you wonderful memories, but it also can bring you a dead mouse.

And while there's tons of mystery behind our furry friends' behaviors, there's also tons of public knowledge regarding a number of the visual communication they express. Your cat is certainly trying to speak with you using parts of its body, including its eyes, ears, and tail. Certain signs are going to be positive, while some may indicate something is wrong.

If you're interested to find out more about your cat’s behavior and what it's trying to inform you, continue reading.


Getting to Know You

Cats have an acute sense of smell. you'll notice that sometimes cats will approach you for a couple of moments then suddenly leave. During this short period of your time, they need actually sniffed you so as to become familiarized together with your scent.

Cats are extremely cautious of their environment and surroundings. once they recognize you and your scent, they become more relaxed. The sniffing increases if the cat spent beforehand tons of your time outside, where it picked up new scents and smells.

Eye to Eye

In addition to other parts of the body, cats use their eyes as a crucial means of communication. Experts believe that if a cat is watching you for a protracted period of your time, it wants something from you. this might be anything, from food to cuddling and petting.

However, if this stare is just too long and intense, amid an aggressive head posture, your cat is presumably threatening you and can not hesitate to attack.

In addition to the present, cats use their eyes to say: “I love you.” Most experts agree that cats who check out you mildly and blink slowly, are literally silently declaring their love and affection for you.

A Mind of Their Own

Cats are masters of manipulation. If you've got a dog, you'll rest assured that he will start running towards you as soon as you say his name. Cats, on the opposite hand, will blatantly ignore you. they're extremely stubborn and self-centered beings.

It’s not that they don’t love you or have any affection towards you; it’s just that they don’t desire to come at that specific moment. They wish to keep things in their own control and on their own terms.
Stress Relief
Kittens are hooked into their mother’s milk so as to survive. once they are drinking milk, they gently push the mother’s mammary glands so as to supply more milk. Experts believe that this instinct stays with cats even once they are adults.

If you observe them closely, you'll notice that cats tend to press their heads and bodies on softer parts of your body. Experts on feline behavior have agreed that cats do that as a way of stress relief.

Attention Seekers

Cats demand constant attention. Unlike dogs, they can't be ordered to take a seat still and stop bothering you. If you're working around the house, reading a book, or doing all of your work on the laptop, your cat won't hesitate to get across space or knock your book out of your hands.

By doing so, they're ordering you to place aside whatever you're doing and specialize in them. Cuddling them for a few of minutes will probably satisfy them enough to go away you alone. Presumably.