What Your Cat Wants You To Know
Photo by Manja Vitolic from on Unsplash


 What Your Cat Wants You To Know

If your cunning friend could speak your language, here a couple of things she would perhaps such as you to understand.

1) I'm the boss. Get won't to it. I decide once I want your company. I'm not a dog who depends on you to form these choices in our relationship.
2) I'm panicky. I prefer the food I prefer and that I won't eat budget stuff. I like better to have the nasty, overnight water left in my dish dumped very first thing within the morning. If you can't accommodate this need, don't Yell At Me once you see me desperately dipping my head into the restroom for a little water. Believe me, it isn't something I would like To Be Doing - But If you do not lookout Of Me Properly - I simply haven't any choice.

3) I prefer my space. I select my space. I pick special places throughout Our House to get within the sun, take my afternoon nap, relax after dinner, etc... affect it. don't expect me to wash up my very own hair. I cannot help it if I shed on your precious sofa, and that I personally don't really care if I leave a touch little bit of me behind on my Favorite places.

What Your Cat Wants You To Know
Photo by David Peters from on Unsplash

4) I don't want to possess a replacement "sister" or "brother" ie: feline relative. If they came to measure with you once I did that's fine. If you're trying to enhance the standard of my life by giving me a replacement friend, ditch It... I do not want one. I prefer being the Queen/King of Our Domain. I don't want to share my palace with anyone.

5) I prefer you and that I like your children (or most of them). But I chose once I want to be bothered with the kids. Please don't push them on me when I'm clearly not within the mood to play, which consequently leads to me being forced to allow them to know I don't want to interact with them within the only way I do know how - by hissing, scratching, or trying to run away. My actions inevitably cause you to yell at me for showing my feelings. So we could make life much simpler if You prevented this whole scenario from the beginning.

6) I even have certain innate needs - just like the need for something to scratch - Please make both of our lives easier by getting me something only for this purpose... So I don't need to resort to using the rear of the chair, the carpet, the comforter, or the porch screen (which will certainly end in you having to Yell at me yet another time for something that I even have a natural desire to try to...)

7) Remember You picked me. you made the decision to bring me into your home. I didn't pick you. I had no choice. Yet I treat you with respect and love, thus you ought to treat me equally also ...